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Reference Data Sheet of Granules

Product Name  Size of Granule (mm) Application
EPDM Rubber Granule 0.5~1.5mm It is used for track spray coating.
  1.0~3.0mm It is used for track spray coating and artificial turf filling.
  1.0~5.0mm It is used for elastic base layer of rubber flooring with high density and thickness.
  2.0~4.0mm It is used for base layer of conventional rubber flooring.
  2.0~5.0mm It is used for the base layer of thick rubber flooring.
SBR Rubber Granule 1.0~4.0mm
Excellent physical and chemical properties of our granules create comfortable conditions for professional sporting. Flexible material with specified parameters makes the running tracks and football fields springy and supports dynamic and smooth movements. Top layers dedicated to different sport disciplines have suitable anti-slippery properties. In particular, the granules are used to build professional athletic race tracks in stadiums and to fill artificial turf for football grounds as well as for tennis court surface.

Glue Content of Granules

Price Positioning

Quality Grade

8% Economical model A
10%-13% Regular Model(Recommended) AA
15%-20% High End AAA
The glue content is an important parameter to distinguish the quality of EPDM granule. According to the different glue content of EPDM granule, we divide it into 3 grades, 8%, 10% to 12%, 15%~20%, to meet the needs of all types of customers. At the same time, EPDM granule can also be customized according to customer needs.

Applications of EPDM Granules

EPDM Ground for Parks

EPDM Ground for Sports Courts

EPDM Ground for Running Tracks

EPDM Ground for Fitness Trails

About Changyue Sports

Changzhou Changyue Sports Facilities Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, production and sales of running track rubber granules and artificial turf. The company is in Cultural and Creative Industry Park in Tianning District, located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Yanjiang Expressway, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. The company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, with a construction area of over than 8,000 square meters.

Main Production Process

Rubber Slab Manufacturing


Sun Curing

Finished Products

Services and Commitment

All materials are tested in accordance with relevant national standards to ensure environmental protection, safety, non-toxic and non irritating smell.


Offer professional construction scheme for customers after fully understand the basic situation of the sites.


Provide free samples for customers to learn more directly about the products.


Professional technical engineers will follow the whole  production process and solve any problems related to the construction.


A perfect after-sales system provides relevant measures for the maintenance of sports venues.


QUESTION 1: How to choose the size of granules?

Answer:Granules of 0.5 ~ 1.5mm size are used for surface coating, and granules of 1 ~ 2mm ,1 ~ 3mm size are used for surface coating construction of EPDM ground,granules of 2 ~ 5mm size are used for elastic layer construction, which is the base of EPDM ground and granules of size 1 ~ 5mm can be used for the construction of single layer.

QUESTION 2: What kind of granules should be selected for filling grass ? ANSWER:  1-3mm granules. QUESTION 3: Can the color of granules be customized?How long will it take for customized sample? ANSWER: Yes. Customized sample will take a week. QUESTION 4: What determines the service life of granules?

ANSWER: The composition of the product material,the content of binder, and the proportion of binder used in the mixing granules.

QUESTION 5: Is the ratio of granules to binder the same? ANSWER: The ration of granules to binder with different binder content has much difference. Of course, it has a great relationship with the purity of binder. QUESTION 6: How thick is the rubber sports ground?

ANSWER: The venues used by the school are generally 13 mm or more in accordance with the regulations of the track and Field Association.

The thickness of the ground is 15mm-30mm, which is the most economical and durable.

The thicker the thickness, the higher the safety performance.

The thickness can be customized.

QUESTION 7: How long will the EPDM ground be solidified after construction? ANSWER: Above 10 degrees for at least 24 hours. The lower the temperature, the longer the curing time. QUESTION 8: How to choose EPDM granules in the places with long illumination and high temperature all year round? ANSWER: For places with high temperature and long light duration, the requirements of EPDM granules will be very high, and the requirements of weather resistance and UV resistance are higher than the conventional requirements.